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I finally found a music producer and sound engineer who has enough of an eclectic taste in music to understand new approaches and fusions as well as suss out and emphasise the unique flavour of a music style. Certainly being both a musician and a sound engineer optimises the producer! Thanks Chris for what you have done with my album Out of the Black.

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The Seniors Band Mixed & Mastered Online Album Review

The Seniors

Chris Hamilton Produced, engineered and drummed on our debut EP 'Country Folk in this Adorable Town'. He helped develop our sound and essentially kick start the band from being a studio project into a 'live travelling extravaganza'!! Glastonbury immediately loved the record and 12 months on from releasing it, we're making our first appearance there at this years festival. A lot of this is down to Chris - cheers dude, we're indebted.

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Turrentine Jones Mixed & Mastered Online Album Review

Turrentine Jones

Worked over several weeks with Chris for Turrentine Jones' debut studio album. Chris goes back to basics when he makes records and I like that because there's nothing more important than we are all here for, which is somebody coming up with a great idea and getting that on a record. He's the modern day Jim Abbiss.

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Northern Uproar Band Mixed & Mastered Online Album Review

Northern Uproar

Chris is the best we have worked with, a natural with a great ear (some people say he has two) and very easy to get along with, he provides a very relaxed creative atmosphere, looking forward to recording the 5th Northern Uproar album with him at Toast.

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